Radiation Shield Connector for DuraTech®Canada

Date: Sep 14, 2018

Adobe Acrobat Document Product Bulletin

More and more local Building Code requirements have been updated to improve home insulation which includes among others an increase in the depth of attic insulation requirement. These rules have prompted us to increase the height of our DuraTech Canada Radiation Shield Connectors from 16”to 24”. The increase in height means you can add the necessary insulation to your attic without having to worry about insulation encountering your DuraTech Canada chimney. DuraVent’s Radiation Shield Connectors are part of the DuraTech Canada product line. With its double-wall, all-stainless-steel chimney and 1” insulation, DuraTech Canada minimizes heat loss through the chimney walls and provides the safest product for use in today’s homes.