DuraVent Launches Sales Enablement Mobile App for Commercial Market Products

Date: Jul 18, 2018

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DETROIT, Mich., July 18, 2018 – With focus on the professional and commercial venting markets, DuraVent today announced the launch of its new Sales Enablement mobile application that helps its direct and indirect sales teams unleash the power of sales by providing them with the information and intelligence they need right at the point of sale. Most sales enablement technology solutions focus solely on the delivery of content, not the content itself. DuraVent’s Sales Enablement mobile app shares mission-critical micro-content with its sales force, making it easy for users to locate, read, and quickly digest the right information at the right time – at their fingertips.

“Our new mobile app continues our company’s digital transformation and our move away from outdated sales and product information, such as large, costly print catalogs, lengthy PDFs, and outdated PowerPoint decks,” said Scott Schindlbeck, executive vice president of sales and marketing for DuraVent and Security Chimneys. “Along with an enhanced, mobile-optimized website and a redefined social media strategy, we continue to enhance the ease of doing business with DuraVent through multiple digital channels.”

The DuraVent Sales Enablement app includes multiple features, such as a dynamic budget quoting form, an updated, digitized product image and description gallery, and quick, to-the-point sales tips. The quoting form gives users a single touchpoint quote generation tool, allowing for quicker quote development and enhanced communication with the DuraVent sales and design services teams. The product catalog provides users with a clear view of the kitchen exhaust products available within the DuraVent product line, as well as selling points for each product. Lastly, the micro-content sales tips create a new channel of communication with sales support materials to help its sales representatives close more deals.

“Our business partners need additional product knowledge to support design builds, and the digital image gallery and easy-to-use quoting form provide users with exactly the tools they need,” said Mike Heavener, design services group manager for DuraVent. “Since many kitchen packages do not include ventilation in early quotes, empowering our partners with these kinds of sales tools enables us to provide quicker, more accurate quote assessments.”

The DuraVent mobile application is currently available in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store for certified DuraVent resellers. For more information, visit DuraVent.com/App.

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